• Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend
  • Taya Focus Blend

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    Bottle: 32 cups of coffee
    Caffeine: 130mg/Serving

    This Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate was made with the go-getters in mind. Infused with L-Theanine and Lion’s Mane Mushroom, our Focus blend is here to promote cognitive function and concentration, while simultaneously banishing the crash and dreaded coffee jitters.

    Taya Focus BlendTaya Focus BlendTaya Focus BlendTaya Focus BlendTaya Focus Blend

    Simply add 1-2 Tbsps of our coffee concentrate to your favorite mixer of choice (water, milk, ice cream, vodka, etc.) and make the magic happen. Each bottle contains 32 four-ounce cups of coffee. Our recommended serving size is two tbsps of coffee concentrate + eight ounces of liquid (two cups of coffee).

    Sustainable Sourcing

    Taya starts with speciality single-origin arabica sourced direct from farmers in Nicaragua and Colombia. All of our coffee is certified fair-trade and organic, bringing power to the people and sustainable supply chains. Through proprietary brewing methods, our coffee is then gently roasted and distilled into a full-bodied concentrate that preserves flavor and a smooth finish.


    Cold Brewed Organic Arabica Coffee, Chicory, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, L-Theanine

    • 100% Organic, Single Origin Arabica Coffee

      100% Organic, Single Origin Arabica Coffee

    • Fair Trade & Sustainably Sourced

      Fair Trade & Sustainably Sourced

    • Vegan


    • Sugar Free

      Sugar Free

    Your 3 Step Ritual For Delicious Coffee

    Step 1
    Fill a mug, cup, or glass with a hot or cold mixer of choice.
    Step 2
    Add 1-2 tablespoons of Taya Coffee concentrate.
    Step 3
    Add sugar, creamer or whatever your heart desires. Mix and enjoy.
    • WARNING: prepare to have your mind brewed

      WARNING: prepare to have your mind brewed

      taya + water = americano

      Taya + milk of choice = latte

      taya + gelato or ice cream = affigato

      taya + vodka + simple syrup = espresso martini

    What is Coffee Concentrate?

    The good stuff. We’ve distilled artisanal coffee down to the tablespoon. Fifteen times stronger than regular coffee, our Taya Coffee Concentrate is ready to be mixed in to your favourite liquid, hot or cold, strong or weak. It has the convenience of instant coffee, but tastes just like your barista brewed it. The possibilities are endless with how you coffee.

    How do I use Taya Coffee Concentrate? What kind of coffee can I make?

    Simply add 1-2 tablespoons of Taya to a hot or cold liquid of your choice for a delicious coffee ready in seconds. For a 4oz coffee, add 1 tbsp to 4 oz of your favorite mixer. For an 8oz coffee, add 2tbsps to 8oz of your favorite mixer. The possibilities are endless. Make a Cold brew, Americano, Mocha, Latte, Affigato, or even an espresso martini… 😙

    What kind of Coffee is used?

    We use 100% organic, single-origin arabica beans. Dark roasted for a bold and rich profile, our coffee has notes of chocolate and nuttiness. Sourced from Nicaragua and Colombia, we pride ourselves in partnering with coffee farms that are certified fair trade and organic.

    What is a Nootropic?

    The term “nootropic” refers to natural or synthetic supplements that improve cognitive function. Taya’s use of natural nootropic ingredients – L-theanine and Lions Mane– delivers you sustained attention, improved thinking and memory skills and increased focus.

    What are the benefits of Caffeine and L-Theanine?

    Studies show that the combination of both Caffeine and L-Theanine improves overall cognitive function (memory and thinking skills), increases sustained attention, and can reduce impulsivity for individuals with ADHD.

    What are the benefits of Caffeine and Lion’s Mane?

    Lion’s Mane has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunostimulant properties. It’s composed of compounds called hericenones and erinacines which contribute to the neuroprotective *magic* of this nootropic. Lion’s Mane acts to improve blood flow and provide the brain with more oxygen, which will help you think clearly and accurately throughout the day. Additionally, this ingredient stimulates the creation of neurotrophic factors that protect your brain from memory loss and dementia, and promote mental function.

    What is the shelf life? How long does it last?

    Taya coffee blends last 12 months from the date of production. On the back of the bottle you’ll find the expiration date listed! Our coffee is also shelf stable, meaning that you can take it on camping trips + on-the-go without refrigeration. That said, once the bottle is opened, we recommend keeping the coffee concentrate in the fridge for the utmost preservation of taste and flavor profiles.

    How much caffeine does it have?

    Our Focus Blend has 130mg of caffeine per 1 ounce serving of coffee concentrate.

    Do you ship internationally?

    Unfortunately we do not ship internationally at the moment 😔 Please reach out to support@tayacoffee.com if you're interested in bringing Taya Coffee to you!

    How long does shipping take?

    Depending on the shipping speed you select, it can take 3-7 days to ship from our warehouse in PA. We will process your order within 1-3 days of ordering. If there is a delay, please feel free to reach out to support@tayacoffee.com so we can help you get your coffee ASAP!

    Iced and hot, Taya coffee is the most delicious and super fast!! And it’s SO much more affordable than going out to coffee shops. I'm obsessed 😍


    So quick to prepare it could be instant coffee, but tastes like it was handcrafted by my barista. Taya is becoming my daily coffee ritual !! Can't recommend it enough