Our Sustainability Promise 

Join us in our effort to reduce our carbon footprint and bring power to the people through our sustainable supply chain – because every bottle has an impact.

Our Environmental Footprint

There is no doubt that we are living in an environmental crisis. Drastically increasing temperatures, burning rainforests, and climate instability are all the result of human behavior. Like most industries in today’s society, the coffee industry plays a role in this. The environmental impact of harvesting coffee beans varies based on specific practices used; however, as demand increases and more companies shift from shade grown-coffee to more large scale, intensive styles of farming, coffee farming is making a bigger environmental impact than ever.

Unfortunately, it’s the coffee farmers that are most impacted by unsustainable practices. As temperatures rise, the amount of farmable land will decrease. Unpredictable weather patterns will impact coffee ripening and decrease overall coffee quality. 

That is why Taya is determined to reduce its carbon footprint with sustainable sourcing, glass bottles, recycled packaging, and options to reduce your footprint by choosing our economy shipping.

  • Coffee Cups

    Most Paper Coffee Cups are lined with polyethylene plastic coating, making it almost impossible to recycle.

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  • Coffee Filters

    Paper Coffee Filters are made to be single use, meaning most of us will throw it away after our morning brew.

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  • Coffee Pods

    Single use Coffee Pods and Capsules are often made from a combination of aluminum and plastic, producing more waste than conventional brewing methods.

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  • Single Use Plastic

    From straws to plastic coffee cups, we're surrounded by single use plastic. Plastic Waste, wherever it sits, can persist in the environment for centuries.

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Directly Sourced

Our process starts with speciality single-origin arabica sourced directly from farmers in Nicaragua and Colombia. All of our coffee is certified fair-trade and organic, and we are committed to empowering our farmers by promoting a sustainable supply chain. Check out our blog to read more about what we're up to!


Glass Bottles

We’ve said goodbye to the typical, environmentally degrading plastic packaging as all of our brews are stored in glass bottles. Although glass is more expensive to ship, Taya is committed to reducing our carbon footprint because unlike plastic bottles, glass is reusable and recyclable.


You can also contribute to our mission of a reduced carbon footprint by choosing the eco-friendly shipping option, our Economy Shipping. Although it might take longer, we will use existing postal routes to deliver your coffee instead of rushed air freight, ultimately reducing environmental pollution and carbon emissions.